Now is the time to switch! May 18th, 2015
Are you suffering from buyers remorse after purchasing a competitors kit? Realized it was impossible to upgrade their ... <more>
Video: Camaro Supercharger Kit Features Apr 10th, 2015
When we get our hands on something this low and loud, we feel obligated to capture some shots of it ... <more>
Dyno Session- Engraved EG Apr 8th, 2015
Shawn Lisjack's "Engraved EG" received a Kraftwerks B-Race kit to give his B18C1 a little extra kick. The engine is a ... <more>
Dyno Graph: Rob’s Kraftwerks Supercharged S2000 Mar 27th, 2015
OnPoint Dyno has experience with a variety of Kraftwerks Supercharger kits. Here are some ... <more>
Dyno Session- D-Race Kit (Video) Jan 14th, 2015
The dyno has been busy here at Kraftwerks. This week the D-Series Race kit installation on "Yelo" was wrapped up ... <more>
2014 Holiday Hours of Operation Dec 23rd, 2014
During the holidays, Kraftwerks will be open fewer hours so that our staff can celebrate with their families. ... <more>
Scion Magazine Features Kraftwerks Powered FRS Dec 2nd, 2014
Make sure you pick up the latest issue of Scion Magazine! Our buddy Ed Yee's beautiful FR-S if ... <more>
Coming Soon: Jeep Wrangler Supercharger System Nov 13th, 2014
Boost is fun on road and off-road! We're burning the midnight oil another kit that is due to ... <more>
Honda R18 Supercharger Development Continues. Nov 13th, 2014
The Kraftwerks 8th generation Civic Supercharger System for vehicles equipped with Honda's R18 ... <more>
Another Rick Spec'd Civic Si Oct 15th, 2014
When people like what you do, they will often come back to you. This is the case with Rick Spec'd and this 2007 ... <more>
HD Blower in the WILD! Apr 13th, 2015
After a phenomenal response from the Vtwin Expo in February, we have been busy in the workshop!
Here is a ... <more>
Camaro SS Supercharger System Mar 19th, 2015
Kraftwerks is pleased to announce the release of a brand new intercooled supercharger system for the 2010 and newer ... <more>
Kraftwerks 06-11 Civic R18 Supercharger System Feb 20th, 2015
Kraftwerks is pleased to introduce the newly redesigned supercharger system for the 2006-2011 ... <more>
Billet Blow-Off Valve Nov 4th, 2014
Blow-off valve performance is crucial for a properly performing forced induction system. Kraftwerks blow-off valves are ... <more>
Mustang GT (Coyote) Supercharger System Jul 11th, 2014
Kraftwerks is pleased to announce the release of a brand new intercooled supercharger system for the 2011 ... <more>
’06-’13 Mazda Miata Supercharger Kits Mar 21st, 2014
Kraftwerks is pleased to announce the release of a brand new intercooled supercharger system for the ... <more>
00-09 Honda S2000 Supercharger System Feb 6th, 2014
Kraftwerks is pleased to introduce the newly redesigned supercharger system for the 2000-2009 Honda S2000. ... <more>
Interested in Boosting your Miata NC? Oct 30th, 2013
Looking to boost your Miata NC? This might be the easiest and fastest way to do it! <more>
2006-2013 Honda Civic Si Supercharger System Oct 22nd, 2013
'06-13 Honda Civic Si owners can download the latest supercharger system catalog for their ... <more>
Excelerate Performance Offering Group Buy on S2000 Supercharger Systems Oct 17th, 2013
Excelerate Performance (Brandford, CT) is an Authorized Distributor and ... <more>
Track Ready NC Miata Jun 19th, 2015
Our brand new intercooled supercharger system for the new Mazda Miata MX-5 have officially hit the streets! At the heart of ... <more>
Rowdy Roadster: Force-Fed Miata NC May 21st, 2015
It's exciting to see how enthusiasts embrace new products we introduce to the market. Our newest release for ... <more>
Honda Tuner: "Spoiler Alert"- Backyard Joe's Civic Hatchback Feature May 20th, 2015
Now running the Kraftwerks D-Race Supercharger system, Backyard Joe has ... <more>
Featured Ride: Jeremy Heinks' Boosted 5.0 Apr 15th, 2015
This head turner belongs to Jeremy Heinks. He's what some of us would call a "Mustang fanatic", as this ... <more>
Featured Ride: Matt Bailey's BRZ Apr 14th, 2015
Matt Bailey's 2014 Subaru BRZ is something you probably wouldn't want to see pushing up on your bumper while ... <more>
Featured Ride: Ed Yee's Project FRS Sep 30th, 2014
Some of you might remember seeing a blog post a few months ago here on titled "Boosted ... <more>
Video: Project-G's "Red Devil" Sep 17th, 2014
YouTube Link: <more>
@_Fresh_Si : Big Mike Miguel Delatorre's Civic Si Sep 12th, 2014
Customizing/building a car is often a test of patience and commitment. Many enthusiasts have ... <more>
Video: Project BRZ Sep 11th, 2014
The Kraftwerks x Skunk2 x Grams Performance "Project BRZ" began as stock 2012 Subaru BRZ that happened to show up in the shop ... <more>
"Bluebyeu"- The Supercharged Highway Terror Aug 25th, 2014
2013 Subaru BRZ owned and operated by Wally and Heather Rohde. We are current members of Team ... <more>
Video: Anthony's RHD Supercharged K-Series Dyno Session Jul 24th, 2015
Supercharged K-Series with Kraftwerks K-Race Supercharger kit on 11psi with 93oct
Unleash Your Inner Beast - Rezvani Motors Jun 18th, 2015
It's here, and it's Kraftwerks powered! Some of you might have heard of Rezvani Motors and this insane ... <more>
580hp K-Race kit, INSANE! May 6th, 2015
James Houghton's Kraftwerks powered track Integra received a couple updates, including a C38 Rotrex unit and and a long ... <more>
Update: Tony Fuentes' Track Driven S2000 May 5th, 2015
Tony Fuentes recently took his Kraftwerks powered Honda S2000 to visit Makspeed in Temecula, California, ... <more>
Engraved EG Gets Boosted! Apr 7th, 2015
Here are a couple shots of Shawn Lisjack's Civic Hatchback on the dyno today. We'll be back with more pics in a bit!
Behind the Scenes: Camaro Supercharger Kit (Part 3) Apr 6th, 2015
If you've been following the updates on the 5th gen. Camaro Kit, you'll remember seeing this ... <more>
Behind the Scenes: Camaro Supercharger Kit (Part 2) Apr 3rd, 2015
Last time we gave you an update on the new Camaro Supercharger kit, it was still being ... <more>
Behind the Scenes: Camaro Supercharger Kit (Part 1) Mar 27th, 2015
The 5th Gen Camaro supercharger kit is nearing it's official release. We've got the ... <more>
Videos: Kraftwerks Powered S2000 Mar 26th, 2015
You ever browse Youtube and stumble upon an unknown user with a variety of videos you've knew nothing about? ... <more>
Track Purpose S2000: Kraftwerks Powered Mar 23rd, 2015
The VTEC Club USA Round 2 winner of the Group A class was Tony Fuentes, he managed to blast a time of ... <more>